Is this audio set-up worth the money?
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Can I find a better home audio setup then this one for the money?

I have been wanting to build my audio set-up for a while. I have primarily been looking into Polk speakers and possibly an ONKYO reciever. All of a sudden this deal pops up. Is this a good setup or should i build my own? I dont really need 7.2 but since its already included...

My guess is if i wanted to upgrade something i would be the reciever, anything else?
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Response by poster: On that note, any recomendations on an Amp for this?
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Best answer: I like the Denon 7.2 receivers better than Onkyo. But either is good shit.

But as for the Polk speakers, I did a massive amount of research and listening toward a large institutional high end audio purchase 2 years ago and those indeed wound up being the speakers to beat. We ended up installing a variety of Polk speakers in various rooms (and some PSBs, which were equally sweet). They sound fantastic for the money.
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Actually I think Denon configures receivers either as 7.1 or 9.2 now. They've updated the line since I last purchased one.
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