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AEB on a Canon T2i. Is there any software to allow more than 3 exposures while using AEB on a T2i?

I've read about CHDK for point and shoot cameras and Magic Lantern for DSLR video but I can't find any software mods to increase the number of exposures I can take in one pass.
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Is there a reason you couldn't just make these exposures manually?
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Best answer: I haven't gotten around to installing Magic Lantern on my 550D (T2i to Americans) yet, but I think it does this.

"AE Bracketing for HDR images and timelapses.
Select number of images with SET and step size with DISP. To turn this off quickly, press Q."

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Response by poster: @j03 - when you're trying to do HDR images you don't want to touch the camera to change the settings or else you'll end up with ghosting in your final image.

@aiwen - Thanks, I didn't think it did that but I'll install it this weekend. Check back next week if you want a progress update.
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If you have to do it manually (I tend to bracket a stop around +1, so 0,+1, +2, then bracket around -2, so -3, -2, -1) you can use something like align/enfuse to make sure it all comes out allright. Of course, if you're on a tripod to start with...
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