Leggings: I promise not to wear them as pants!
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Short people of Metafilter, where do you buy leggings?

Hi, so I'm 5'1'' and so far the leggings I've tried end right around my toes. This is fine for wearing them with boots but it's not flying for flats. Since it doesn't seem like the packages ever say anything about the length of the leggings, I’m turning to you for help.

Do you, other short folks, have tried and true leggings that actually end around the ankle? Brands? Styles?

I'm in San Francisco so I have access to most national stores, as well as the internet. SF specific suggestions welcomed as well!
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Have you tried the petite section? I have a pair of Vivienne Tam petite leggings from Lohmann's that would be perfect for you! (Wrong coast, but you get the idea!)
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Seconding the petite section idea.

I also find that capri or cropped leggings in regular sizes end around the ankle for me.
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The best leggings I've found so far have been the capri ones at Target. Seriously. I'm 5'5" and they hit me mid-calf.
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Definitely try Loehmann's. I got a pair of American Apparel ones there--I think on a normal person they would be considered "cropped" but they work well for me (I'm 5'0"). I also found some at Target. Ross/Marshall's/TJ Maxx are always good too--cheap and they have random sizes so you might hit the jackpot.
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Oh right, the petite sections! I think the last time I actually looked around in one it was a wasteland, but it's been awhile.

Loehmann's! I always forget about Loehmann's. I'll definitely try that.
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I just bought some great capri length leggings for summer. I'm a 5'8", but they hit just under my knee so would be ankle length if I was 7" or so shorter.
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I'm 5'2", and I have no trouble with leggings from Old Navy. I also got a great pair from Victoria's Secret once (yes, really), but that was a few years ago.
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Marukai (yep, the Japanese grocery store, of all places) here in SoCal has had 100% cotton leggings for around $7 in black and charcoal - I'm a little taller than you and have proportionally long legs, but I've found that they fit well. I think your closest Marukai would be in Cupertino.
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I'm 5'3" and I stick with capris or the petite section too.
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I also have a pair from Target, Mossimo brand, and I'm shorter than you. They hit ankle for me.
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I was frantically looking for capri-length leggings last fall and all (most?) of the online sites listed an inseam length. But since I wanted them in colors besides black/brown/navy, I ended up sewing my own. They are ridiculously easy to sew, using a store-bought pair for a pattern.
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Since leggings are made of knit fabric, you can also just cut them to the length you want- the ends will curl a little but they won't unravel. I do this with long-sleeve t-shirts and yoga pants all the time.
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I buy mine at Aritzia (a relatively popular chain in Canada, now has a store in San Fran) sell really flattering leggings that have little seams so that you can safely cut them to shorter lengths without unravelling. (That being said, i'm only 5'3", and i didn't have to cut mine at all, even though 99% of leggings are miles too long on me)
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I'm 5'3. I've found that the American Apparel placket crop style ends up being absolutely perfect -- an inch or two just above the ankle. They make your butt look great, too!
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I buy Target ankle length leggings, but I'm about 4" taller than you. Try their capri length.
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I'm also 5'1'' and Target has a petite or short length in leggings that fits just right. This is different from capri length, which fits as capri. Mossimo brand will work for you.
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I think I've gotten "short" length leggings at New York and Company, if that's more convenient than Target. They're ankle length on 5'1" me rather than calf length. Good luck! And good question.
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Thanks guys! I stopped by Loehmann's on my way home and found some short leggings. Score! Comfortable airplane ride here I come.

I'll definitely check out Target, Old Navy, and possibly use this as an excuse to go to Marukai because that place looks awesome.
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I'm 5'0", and if they don't say capri I don't bother.
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I get my best-fitting pairs at H&M.
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Marukai *is* awesome :) Happy shopping!
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