Does it make sense to pay to replace the clutch on a older car?
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My 2004 Tiburon GT SE needs a clutch replacement but I can't decide if putting that much money into the car is worth it. How much can I expect to pay a mechanic to perform the work? I'm guessing in the $1K range but I don't know. And if so, does it make sense to put that money into car that's almost 8 years old? I bought it used a few years ago and still owe $5K on it, so dumping it isn't an option. It has only 54K miles and is otherwise in very good condition. How should I proceed?
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8 years is really not very old for a car, and 54K is well below average mileage. I can't imagine a situation where you wouldn't think it was worth spending $1K on such a car.

In addition, I think $1K is pretty expensive for a basic clutch job for that car - especially as clutch kits are looking to be around $200 from a quick look. However, there are some known issues with that car that may need addressing so maybe try and find a Hyundai independent specialist and see what they say and how much they quote?

You can't make any sort of decision without getting quotes. In all honesty, the question is pretty much wasted without any idea of how much it will cost to do which will very much depend on who is available to do the work in your area. Get local quotes first, look at Hyundai boards in the internet for recommendations.
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You owe $5k and you're asking whether it's worth doing a $1k repair? Come on now, of course it's worth it. $1k is less than $5k.

As to how to proceed, search here for mechanics in your area, read the reviews and ask a couple of the good ones for a price quote. Then get the car fixed and move on with life.
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Repairpal says that if you were near me [MN] the price range should be $850-1100 for a clutch replacement.
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Hyundais are fabulous cars. I have a 2003 Santa Fe with about 100,000 miles on it and it's needed fewer repairs than our 2006 Civic with 30,000 miles on it.

Make the repair! 1k maybe wouldn't even cover sales tax + registration if you sold this one and got a new one. It's well worth it.
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What Brockles said.
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Absolutely, it's worth it to get the clutch done. Only 54k on a 2008? That's just getting warmed-up.
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dumping it isn't an option

So you kind of have to get it fixed, no? Agreed with others that Hyundais will go far. I bought a used 1999 Accent and drove it for years, then sold it to a friend who wrecked it. He replaced the headlight and sold it to his sister, who wrecked it. Thing still runs like a champ.
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I had a clutch replaced on an (older) Hyundai a few years ago. It was done when replacing the gearbox at the same time, but the whole job cost me around $1000. I would expect a clutch replacement alone to be significantly less.
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Oh, and my Hyundai lived to 30 years old (and beyond - we only dumped it because we bought a new car and couldn't find anyone who wanted a 30-year-old car with chipped paintwork). It had over 300,000 km on it when we gave up on it.
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It's almost always worth it to put money into a solid used car.
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