The extract range has a missing or illegal field name.
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Does anyone have a handly list of reasons why one would get the error "The extract range has a missing or illegal field name." when using advanced auto-filter?

There are no duplicate column names. The data is an array. The criteria range matches the required data heading. I am trying to use the "copy to" function to choose the number of columns I pull in. It extracts the entire range when the "copy to" column is blank. Is there anything else I need to know about regarding data integrity etc. I'm just using the regular advanced autofilter no VB on Excel 2007 in XP.
Some potential issues:
My criteria range consists of dates. These dates are present throughout the data table.
There were also plenty of blank spaces in the data "table" and I had to fill them up with text. (using find and replace)
There were column headings missing for a few columns and I added a letter and a random number to these columns so it would look like an array.
If someone has a list of reasons this error pops up, it would be awesome.
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