Where can I buy hologram shoes?
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Where can I buy hologram shoes? Example 1, 2. Caveat: No slides please.

Anon for a secret birthday present.

Straps, laces, slip ons, anything goes, except slides/mules. More naff prints the better. Bonus points for thick treads.

(Also, what's the proper name for this kind of material?)
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These are probably made with some type of lenticular printing, though that might be too technical of a term to search for shoes with.
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I'm pretty sure the effect on the shoes is created with lenticular printing. I don't know what the "official" name for shoes like this is, but a google search for lenticular shoes or lenticular print shoes produces a few results.
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Oops, preview fail. What stopgap said.
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I had no idea these existed but they are fun.
Here are some I found:
Jeffrey Campbell Foxy platform
ebay size 7 green and yellow pump
DG butterfly print slingback
Jeffrey Campbell flatform
Dennis Comeau size 6 rainbow

What size are you looking for?
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