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Trouble with wonky formatting in Outlook email.

I am attempting to send out a newsletter company-wide. It’s nothing fancy, just a few paragraphs with links and Facebook and Twitter logos, also links.

When I compose the message (using Outlook 2003) it looks great. When I send it to myself, Coworker1, or my Gmail account, it looks great and keeps the links and formatting properly.

But when I send it to anyone else, the links all get stripped out, and the images disappear and it’s just a mess of text interspersed with the addresses of the websites I'm linking to.

No matter whether I compose in Rich Text or HTML, it comes across this way on certain coworkers emails. There are several versions of Outlook floating around the office, which might be a contributing factor.

What do I need to do to make sure the email goes through with all hyper-linked text and images intact?
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Best answer: You can never insure that, as different email clients will strip out images and HTML in different ways, and indeed some people will prefer never to receive HTML email and always want plain text. So your options are:
a) send out the newsletter as a PDF attachment
b) send out a plain text newsletter instead of HTML/Rich Text
c) send out a plain text newsletter but include a link to the HTML version hosted on the internet/intranet or a network drive or whatever.
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If all the people "company wide" are on the same server, all using the same email client (Outlook?) then this shouldn't be a problem if you can get it and Coworker1 can get it.

Try: Tools > Options > Mail Format: make sure it's set to HTML.

What I did once when I was having a similar issue was to compose the message in Gmail (I have Insert Picture available but it might be a Labs feature that I'd turned on), email it to my company's email address, and then email it out from there.
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Where are the image which you're linking to? I.e. what server are they on? Are the accessible to people outside your corporate network?
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