Any good Seattle handyman/contractor recommendations?
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Can anyone recommend a good handyman or home/construction type contractor in the Seattle area? (Specifically Bellevue, but most of these guys seem willing to travel.)

I just had a 2-day job stretch over seven weeks. UGH! Unethical contractors have got me down. Anyone have someone really great they've used?
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We found a great one in pdx. Here is how we did it: We put an ad on craigslist and said anyone who wanted to give an estimate and apply should come at noon on x day. We said call to get the address. We pre-screened the 40 (yes 40!) calls down to half a dozen. We had the six of them show up at noon with reference phone #'s /letters in hand (we asked for names/#'s and dates of their last three consecutive jobs (big gaps in dates were a red flag.)) Then we had each give an estimate on a small part of the job (with them not knowing there was much more.) We picked our favorite based on interview / refs and estimate. Our favorite was 20 minutes late to the job the next day, we canned them and went to choice #2. (Sounds harsh, but from our experience people who don't show up a few minutes early for the first day of work tend to let a lot of other things slip.) #2 showed up on time, did a great job (on only a small part of the over all project) and under the budget we set out. We knew we had our handyman. How surprised (and glad) was he to find out that was only 10% of the work! He is great and we'd rec'd him to anyone in Portland, but perhaps the process we used with happy results will help you find someone excellent in Seattle.
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I've had good luck finding reputable companies through Angie's List. Looks like a Seattle chapter is coming soon.

Are there any architecture preservation groups in your area? I've also found good people through organizations like that.
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Please contact me at dbseattle at gmail - I know of a guy who comes highly recommended, at a great rate (I haven't used him yet, but would love to have the extra bucks to). I have to dig the number out, so be patient.

Also, I'd recommend Service Magic. I posted a handyman request there, and got several responses from qualified people.
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We use The Homeowners Club--they've been around since 1959. Looks like they cover Bellevue too. It's like a clearing house for contractors, repairmen, etc. They only use reputable people, you write your checks to the club not the contractor (they don't get paid until the job is done to your satisfaction), the guys at The Homeowners Club can help with advice, explanation, etc. It's in the best interest of the contractor to do good work because the club will drop them if they don't.

We recently used them to remove a tree. They had 3 companies give us bids, we picked one, they removed the tree. However they didn't grind down the stump enough. I emailed the club and within 30 min. the tree people had called to say someone would be out the next morning and they were. We've used them for a new fence, a new second bathroom, and to trap raccoons. We use them for anything we can't do ourselves.
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Some great answers, thanks. I think we're joining the Homeowner's Club.
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