What was this live action children's TV show?
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Looking for a children's magic forest type TV show that has skipped down the memory hole.

This one's been bugging me forever, and the things I remember are vague enough to make Googling fruitless.

Live action, set in a forest. It might be Alice in Wonderland inspired, as I remember a giant white rabbit character. This Alice idea might have been placed in my mind by years of searching though, as I don't remember associating it with those stories as a child. The main character was a blond young woman in a white dress. Possibly British or Australian, but seen in Canada in the late 1980s.

The only thing I remember clearly is the villain's henchman, a big monster, sort of a goofier Sweetums from the Muppets. In one episode the villain (can't remember if it was a male or female villain, but my gut says male) instructed the henchman to go hypnotize the heroine by swinging a pocket watch at her, and not to look at the watch himself. This led to him walking through the forest, swinging the watch and saying "Watch this watch, me no look." over and over again until he looks at the watch and hypnotizes himself.

Please hope me!
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Was the rabbit on rollerskates? If so, it might be Adventures in Wonderland. I saw it on TV in the US around the same time period. It looks like hypnotism popped up in at least one episode.
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I was thinking of Adventures in Wonderland as well, though I got another Identify This Media Thing question wrong yesterday when I went solely on my gut.

I wanted one of those Victorian-style full length mirrors so bad as a kid. Possibly as a result of this show (which I remember coming on before 1991, but whatever...).
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Response by poster: Almost positive that's not it, although possibly where the Alice connection came in. I think the main girl was older than Alice there, and the whole vibe was a little more dreamlike and ethereal than what I'm seeing in YouTube clips.
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Best answer: Could it be Happy Castle?
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Response by poster: YES! It is 100% Happy Castle! Thank you!
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