How can I find a Wayne Newman flu ad from 1999 or 2000?
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For a friend: I'm trying to find a video of an advertisement that Wayne Knight (of Seinfeld fame) did for a anti-flu drug called Relenza in the early 2000s. This is for a marketing class. Any ideas? I've tried YouTube and the drug companies are stingy with giving out ads because the FDA forbids them from releasing outdated ads in any way.
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Response by poster: Whoops. That should be Wayne Knight and/or Newman -- not the hybrid name -- in the title. I know this is a long shot. I suggested contacting the Museum of TV and Film in NYC but if anyone has any other ideas, that would be much appreciated.
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You might wish to poke around a Metafilter's own dabitch's If GSK won't give you a copy "for a school project" there are other commercial ad services (like Nielsen Ad Intelligence or Competitrack) which may have it in their archives but for paying subscribers only.
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Print ad: 2000 Wayne Knight Unwanted Flu Bug Relenza Photo Print Ad

Description: "Recently Knight has portrayed "The Flu Bug" in a witty ad campaign for an anti-flu prescription drug. Knight plays The Flu Bug as a persistent, annoying, unwanted guest, who barges into people's homes and settles down for an extended stay, making everyone miserable and sadistically laughing at his host's discomfort when they offer up tepid remedies such as soup. There is a definite parallel with the intrusive Newman character, who was more irritating than dangerous, but who enjoyed being a thorn in the hero's side."

No joy on the Saatchi site, either.
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Only sort of related, NYRB had an article on anti-flu prescription drugs:

Flu Warning, Beware Drug Companies

I think that they mention some of the print and TV ads in this article.
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I haven't looked for this particular ad, but you could try this site
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You said that you know about the Museum of TV and Radio (it's actually called the Paley Center these days), but did you know that they have an online catalog? In fact, it appears that they do have that commercial: here and here. Of course, your friend would have to view it on-site in either New York or LA.
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