Is there a social drawing group in the San Francisco Bay Area?
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Is there a social drawing group in the San Francisco Bay Area?

This group of artists in L.A. gets together in a bar to hang out and draw:

Drink and Draw Social Club

I tried I found life drawing groups, but no social drawing club.

Does anyone know of a thing like that in the Bay Area?
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Dr. Sketchys?
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There are local chapters of Dr. Sketchy's and Cartoonist Conspiracy. Tomorrow's Dr. Sketchy's has been bike-jacked or something, but it's typically an interesting scene.
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If you don't get the answer you're looking for, I think it sounds like a delightful MeFi IRL.
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Just yesterday I happened to walk past Caffeinated Comics at Mission & Valencia and there appeared to be a table full of people drawing there.
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If you're up for some outdoors location drawing, there's "Sketchcrawl". Google that and "San Francisco" and you should be laughing. I think there's a forum for organizing meetups. It was started by a Pixar story artist, and I'm sure there are loads of sketchcrawlers in SF.
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Thanks, guys. I've attended Dr Sketchy's, and another one called Moto Sketch, and I went to this thing called "Dell and Philly," and also "Gallery Girls" which are all similar to Dr Sketchy's.

They're great. The people who organize them generally go all out and really do a great job. I plan to keep going to those things. But there's something a little formal about them, like a concert or a performance.

It would be nice to have an event that's more social, like "hey gang let's sit around and draw and chat."

Maybe I'll try to organize something, but I'm not sure how to do that. In particular, where I'd find a venue that would be willing to host such a thing that has adequate lighting for drawing. I don't have any experience in organizing things. I think I would need some help if I were going to try to put that together.
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Start small and informal. Honestly, why ask the venue? I've taken over the top floor of Vesuvio in North Beach before just by showing up and asking friends to stop by. We tipped well, we bought beer and we drew and read tarot cards for about 4 hours, with someone volunteering to run for Chinese food partway through.

If you make it on a Monday or Tuesday, I'll be there. If you want help organizing, mefi mail me.
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