Help me find more videos from nonprofits and charities that inspire action!
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I am looking for inspirational, well-polished videos from non-profits/charities!

I'm looking for well-polished videos from non-profits that inspire action or share information about a cause, similar to this video:

Bonus points for videos made outside of North America, but all links are welcome.
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The Committee on the Shelterless (Petaluma, California) videos have inspired me to put a lot of energy and a few bucks towards their cause.
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AquaVida has a few.
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Saw a presentation by this organization a few months ago and find most of these videos to be compelling. They are, if I remember correctly, done without much scripting, filmed in just a couple of hours, and then edited by a completely different person who shapes the narrative arc.
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I think this one is good (full disclosure, I work at DSF for a few more days).
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Explore funded by Annenberg.
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I thought the videos on this page for were pretty good.
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