Donating to charity in Madison, WI.
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I am moving away from Madison, WI on Saturday. I want to donate a whole bunch of clothes and shoes and things. I can not for the life of me find hours and guidelines online. I often go by a "donation station" while on the bus, and will stop there tomorrow, but it would be nice to find this information so I can just call a taxi and run over with all my donations tomorrow, instead of doing so on Friday.
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Best answer: Can't you just roll up behind St. Vinnie's during business hours and dump the stuff?
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Or... if it's decent stuff and you're about 6'2" and wear size 12 shoes, email me. My UW-student brother lives on Doty Street.
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Response by poster: noami - heh! I'm 5'6" and wear ten and a halfs. Sorry.

Interrobang - I feel dumb, thanks. I read an article about SVDP a couple years ago and should have remembered them.
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*sigh* *sigh*
I lived in Madison for 12 years. I now live in an area of Canada which I loath.
Thanks for making me remember for a moment how great madtown was. I recall once dropping donations off at a Goodwill on University Ave, just beyond the UW, right after the overpass. Nearby a wonderful Asian restaurant.
Okay, I'll stop now...
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There's a thrift store on E. Washington (not sure of the exact address) but they might be worth dropping it off at. I'm currently trying to get a job in Madison.
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Madison Freecycle?
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Man I miss Madison, I lived a block away from the St. Vinnies near the Crystal Corner. :(
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