Place to find adm/admx files for Group Policy?
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I feel there should be out there, a site where people share their adm/admx files that they use to import custom controls for Group Policy, to avoid everyone constantly reinventing the wheel. Does such a wonderland exist?

(I'll also take links people have to specific ones they find useful, but a big site of them to peruse for my importing pleasure would really be perfect.)
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Are you talking about Microsoft Group Policy? I was going to recommend googling "dotfiles" and "rcfiles", since those are the typical names in *NIXland, but I know nothing about Microsoft products.
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Indeed I am. I guess there's no such place :-(
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I've gone off doing nonstandard things with Group Policy. It's just too much fartarsing about, and half the time I find myself needing to run gpupdate /force on workstations just to make policy changes stick.

For the last few years I've been doing it all by just adding stuff to my startup, shutdown, logon and logoff scripts. It's so much less trouble.
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