Examples of collaborative artistic partnerships?
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I am looking for examples of famous/semi-famous historical/current interdisciplinary artistic collaborative partnerships, such as John Cage and Merce Cunningham.
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Pilobolus and Maurice Sendak.
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The premiere of the ballet Parade was the collective brainchild of Erik Satie (composer), Leonide Massine (dancer/choreographer), Pablo Picasso (set and costume design), Serge Diaghilev (producer of the Ballets Russes), and Jean Cocteau (writer). It's a pretty interesting piece.
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Um, you're going to have to narrow this down. Just about any elaborate art piece (film, theater, performance art, etc) could be considered an collaboration between two famous/semi-famous artists. Like would you consider Johnny Greenwood doing the score to PT Anderson's There Will Be Blood a valid example?

But based on your example, two that come to mind are Andy Warhol/Velvet Underground and William Burroughs/Sonic Youth.
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Narrower: I am looking for ongoing partnerships (hence the example of cage/cunningham) and not for one-off things. Also, I'm a dance artist myself and know the bulk of the famous dance ones, so I am most interested in non-dance examples.

if anyone has any examples of visual art/theatre collaborations, that would be great!
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Some writers are forever linked to certain illustrators, and vice versa. Lewis Carroll and Sir John Tenniel, or Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake, for example.
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How about Chuck Close & Philip Glass?
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Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali.
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Did you mean partners in private life as well as professionally? The composer Steve Reich is married to his frequent collaborator, media artist Beryl Korot. During and after their marriage, Philip Glass wrote scores used in stage productions directed Joann Akalitis. Director Julie Taymor has often directed productions using music by her partner, Elliot Goldenthal.
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Christo/Jean Claude

Björk/Matthew Barney
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Tom Waits and Robert Wilson
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Darren Aronofsky and Clint Mansell.
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Are Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe to obvious?
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Oops, just read your comment re: dance partnerships.
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Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman?
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Ben Jonson & Inigo Jones.
Federico García Lorca & Salvador Dalí.
John Cox & David Hockney.
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Steve Reich and Beryl Korot.
Radiohead and Stanley Donwood.
Britten and Peter Pears.

Re theatre in general: lots of theatre folks tend to work with the same teams over time, i.e. Sondheim with Harold Prince, Paul Gemignani, Michael Starobin, James Lapine...
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Alberta Ballet has collaborated with Joni Mitchell, Elton John and Sarah McLachlan in recent years.
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The Surrealists were past masters at collaboration.
Cadavre Exquis was their favorite game.
Surreal People: Surrealism and Collaboration - Alexander Klar will only cost you a $1.50.
They frequently illustrated each others books combining both prose and poetry with illustrations or photographs for example Eluard and Man Ray - Facile and Les Mains libres
which was bound by Mary Reynolds who also bound editions by Queneau and Cocteau
Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray collaborated on Dust breeding
Here is a very unfinished project of mine which is trying these collaborations together.
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