What do I name my wild cat?
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Need a name for my new, no-longer-feral maine coon cat.

We brought home a two year old cat from the humane society. He is a big spunky guy and was probably born in the wild. He has some wild hair and looks like a tabby maine coon.

His personality is on fire. He is very curious, loves to run around the house and jump around. Not terribly afraid of my boyfriend and I, but not super interested in us either. He stands up to our two black labs like a champ. We got him because we live in the boonies and have a mouse problem, but he will be indoor/outdoor.

Names we like so far: Scar (bad lion from the lion king), Scabbers (bad rat from Harry Potter), Shere Khan (tiger from jungle book).

Any suggestions?
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Mr. Giggles

I always did like an ironic name.
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Why are there no photos?
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Best answer: The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter...
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Bobcat Goldthwait!
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Response by poster: photos: we ain't all got digital cameras or iphones.
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I had a gray and white one named Bertie. He was the origianl Chicken of the Sea...sweet as sweet could be, but fled the room the minute salt water showed up in your eyes. If you'd like to carry on the name, I'd love to know someone out there had taken it up.
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How about Tigger since he likes to jump around a lot and is curious.

Or Panther since it seems like he thinks he's a mightier cat than he really is?

Good luck with the name decision!
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The maine state motto is Dirigo, latin for I guide. Something along those lines?
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Bronko Nagurski
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I really want to name a boston terrier Bogart someday, but you can use it if you like.
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Best answer: Well, his last name is Kat, because every good Kat name ends with Kat.

Do not rush into his other names, they will come to you and can be added at a later date.

Our feral male was originally named Clyde, this became Kyde, it later came to us that his name also included Benjamin Franklin, and, just recently found out that his title was Lord Tubbington's More Handsome Brother.

So, we have Kyde Benjamin Franklin Kat, Lord Tubbington's More Handsome Brother.

We mostly call him Kyde, unless he's in trouble.

The name will come, be patient.
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Hawkeye Pierce.
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Best answer: If he's on fire then how about Apollo?

My cousins had a ferocious kitty named Dogbait who would terrorize their huge Boxer.

How about M.U.D. (Mean, Ugly, Dangerous) then his name could really be mud. You could pronounce it Emyoudee (like my neighbor with the dog named D.O.G.)

He's a coon, so you could go for a raccoon nickname. Something like Bandit or Night Raider.
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This was my wild-hair, friendly, dog-like, occasionally bitey Maine Coon. His name was Linus. He got that name because he liked to nurse on your clothes, if he was sitting on your lap, so it was best to have a blanket between you and the cat in order to avoid spitty-spots on your pants. It took a while for his name to find us/him, and despite the existence of a formal name, he was often called kitty, kittyboy, fuzzy, and goddamitcutthatout.

So, long way of saying: yes, his name will come, although there's no harm in threads like these, since the name may leap out at you. And pix when you can, because we love pictures of cats.
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My mother decided her Maine Coon needed a gangster name, so he is Frankie Blue Eyes. Your cat may have his own gangster name waiting to be revealed.
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Jinks or Jinx. (Third para.)

Lost my gorgeous Maine Coon, Max, (SLYT) 2 weeks ago. This has been the hardest time I have ever had with a pet's death, by far. These cats are some of the most personable, clowny guys around. Enjoy your fellow, whatever name he chooses for himself.
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If you get the Harry Potter reference, even better.
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Catastrophe Catafalque Catapult Catalytic Cattaraugus (rip) Catalion

Maine coon cats are among the most empathetic creatures alive, have fun with your new cat.
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The Great Catsby
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A large, aloof cat deserves a large, aloof name. I'm thinking Rochester.
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I have one of those myself, named Rocco. My then 8 year old niece named him. Sometimes it's good to let kids come up with some choices, because it's turned out to be the perfect name for him.
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christopher walken
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though there are some damn funny ones here...
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Bill the Kat
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There's something very distinguished about Maine Coons.

Call him The Professor.
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Macavity! The "bad" cat from the musical Cats... "Macavity, Macavity, there's no one like Macavity / He's broken every human law / He breaks the law of gravity" Macavity even looks like a crazy-haired tabby Maine Coon.
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Hawkeye Pierce.

No, no -- Donald Penobscot. Penobscot for short. Pen. Scot. It works, I tell you.
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Best answer: Brutus :)

...as in, Brutus Beefcake. After all, that's one big kitty you've now got. Hopefully yours plays fetch. I had a friend whose Maine Coon played fetch better than any dog I've ever met. The cat would bring the toy back and set it in my lap. Then, he'd sit and wait for me to throw it again. Crazy cool. Once, when I was pet sitting, I picked up a toy and threw it for him to fetch. Clearly, I tossed the wrong toy, because the cat fetched it and returned it to the toy basket where I'd found it. The cat then picked another toy - the toy he wanted to play with - and he brought me that instead. God, I love cats. Especially smart ones.
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AHAHHAAA!!! YES!!!! Lieutenant Colonel Donald Penobscot! I love pets with titles in their names. So classy :)
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I kind of wish I had named my maine coon Tanuki, because of the personality and looks (even though he's neutered).
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Constable - after all he will be enforcing the mouse ban.
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Bert, from the Maine stories "Bert and I"
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Best answer: Buckbeak, since you like Harry Potter...I'm seriously thinking of renaming one of my dogs this.
Will Feral (sorry).
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We named our tabby Bear, due to his thick coat, though he was not a Maine coon. Aka Wooly Bear or Bear-cat. What about something like Badger? Then you could go around saying Honey badger is bad-ass. He doesn't give a shit.
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Hermione's cat was part kneazle (sounded k). Who are your favorite HP characters? Mine are Tonks and Lupin.

Elwyn (EB White's first name)
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We had a feral tabby we rescued named Blotto because his tabby pattern was blotchy. We also currently have a grey cat named Bluto. Our maine coon look-alike, grey and white, was named Attila by my son because we thought it was male, but it turned out to be female and we call her Tilla. She is large and a fierce hunter.

Good luck with your new kitty whatever you name him.
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We've always named ours after towns in Maine, so pull out a map and choose.... Vermont and New Hampshire are OK, too, I guess.
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Response by poster: So many great names. Will try to borrow a digital camera and post a photo in the next day or so. The advice that a name will come in time is so true!
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Or LeChuck.
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Finest Kind (to continue the MASH references)

Mousqueton (from the 3 Musketeers)

Cubby O'Brien (one of the original Mouseketeers)
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