Music like The Buena Vista Social Club?
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I really love the Cuban jazz featured in the movie and album The Buena Vista Social Club. I want more of this music. Help me make a list.

I guess "Cuban jazz" is the best category for it, though there are some Salsa and other influences as well. I know many of the TBVSC members did solo projects, but I'm looking for other bands and artists with the same kind of sound. Not necessarily jazz, not necessarily Cuban.

Simply put, if you like TBVSC, what else do you like?
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Best answer: I wish I had a better link than this, but dude: Havana 3 am.
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More contemporary, the Afro Cuban All Stars.

And please never forget, the ever popular Celia Cruz. I could go on and on.
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Not exactly TVBSC, but a nice place to start to get exposure to a number of different salsa/afro-cuban artists, is the radio stream at Fania Records. Select a playlist, abnd stand by for coolness.
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Contemporary hip-hop Cuban Jazz, Orishas.
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Response by poster: Man you people are fast. Thanks for those, keep them coming!
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Check out guitarist Marc Ribot, particularly his The Prosthetic Cubans or ¡Muy Divertido! albums.
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Also not exactly the same, but coming from the same roots is the music of composer/arranger Chico O'Farrill. His son Arturo leads the band now, but they still play two sets every Sunday at Birdland in NYC. It's an expensive show (particularly the plane ticket to the States I suppose), but if you're ever in Manhattan on a Sunday night I highly recommend it.
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I think you might like the 70's salsa scene (referenced above by timsteil with the link to Fania Records - that radio station would be a great start for exposure). Some of my favorites are Hector Lavoe, Willie Colon, Ruben Blades, Cheo Feliciano, Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez, among some of them. Also, these guys performed together under the Fania All Stars name.
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I'm not a Latin music expert, but usually when I hear 'salsa' it brings to mind 70s Latin dance music from New York, whereas TBVSC harks back to a folkier, more traditional music from mid-century Cuba. Try browsing for the Son Cubano and Bolero genres.

Also check out the blog, Listen To Your Ears

Some old old gems:
Trio Matamoros (Cuba)
Agustin Lara (Mexico)
Julita Ross (Puerto Rico)
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AfroCubism. I saw them a couple months ago and the depth of talent was mind-blowing. Some of the best music I've ever heard. Ridiculously great. I'll stop now because otherwise I'll go on like this for the next hour or three.
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but usually when I hear 'salsa' it brings to mind 70s Latin dance music from New York, whereas TBVSC harks back to a folkier, more traditional music from mid-century Cuba

70's salsa incorprates many of those older rhythms...and I could have misinterpreted, but I read the question as not looking for the exact same style as Buena Vista. Pete Rodriguez, in particular, has a singing style that hearkens back to that old style bolero singing.
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Response by poster: I marked not the best answer, but the first answer. All are best. Thanks, everyone, that's plenty to go check out.
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"Mambo Sinuendo" "is a studio album released by Cuban performer Manuel Galban and producer Ry Cooder. This album became the first number-one album in the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart for Galbán and the second for Cooder (after his successful recording Buena Vista Social Club in 1998). This recording won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Album at the 46th Grammy Awards."
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Ibrahim Ferrer
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I had the same reaction to the movie and did my own searching for similar music; with respect to those who feel that [XYZ modern music based on a similar tradition] is something you should like if you like Buena Vista Social Club, most of that stuff didn't do it for me, and I recommend Sexteto Habanero: 1926-1948 and Tumbao Cuban Classics. Even if the poster likes the wider range, I'm pretty sure the music I've linked will appeal.
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Nico Saquito out Buena Vistas all of them, and I love that movie!
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Start with one of the used copies of "goodbye mr. cat" I see on Amazon . . . Even the $150 new copy is worth the price.
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