Where can I find fresh cheese curds in or around NYC?
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Where can I find fresh cheese curds in or around NYC?

Cheese curds need to be fresh (used within 24 hours or less) if you want to fry them up and get that nice squeek. Does anyone know of either a retailer or farm that would be able to wholesale supply/ship fresh cheese curds either in or around New York City?

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I'm reading that Murray's Cheese Shop has them, though they're not mentioned on their website. Maybe give them a call.
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The best poutine I've had outside of Quebec was at Mile End Delicatessen in Brooklyn. Poutine is fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. Perhaps they would be willing to sell you some fresh cheese curds? Or maybe they'll let you know who their supplier is?
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Hmm... Pomme Frite has Poutine with cheese curds so you could call them and ask where they get them from. Or just go there and buy them from them.
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i've seen cheese curds at saxelby cheese, at the essex st market. they're super duper nice—call and ask if they can special order a quantity for you when you need it.
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I was also going to suggest Murray's. I'm pretty sure they have them.
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