Just as long as it's not "Chalk & Awe"
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My new pool team needs a name.

We've gotten together and come up with a few things, but no one's crazy about any one name. Traditionally, league teams have punny names, but it's hard to come up with one that a) hasn't been done before, b) isn't dreadfully cheesy, and c) isn't so dirty that the APA won't let us use it.

Anything you can suggest would be appreciated.

Incidentally, we're a co-ed team, mostly between the ages of 25 and 35, and play both 8 and 9-ball, if that makes a difference.
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The Spin Doctors
Cue Branch (for James Bond fans)
A Tip of Left (or Right, depending on how you feel and what you read into it)
Got Felt?
Sticks & Stones
The English Majors

Off the top of my head. I went to Vegas J&J Scotch Doubles as "The Wages of Spin" once, you're welcome to it.

Good to see another Portland-area pool person on MeFi (although I've quite APA at this point). Good luck in the summer session.
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The Cue Train Manifesto.
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The English Majors.
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Stacked racks? Racked up Greenbacks?
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The Sticks.

If your team's good enough, you could play for your rivals' and net a few grand in a single evening.
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Thanks all. And dragstroke: I'll be at the Good Foot early this evening trying to brush up my 9-ball skills, if you're out and about... and want a whuppin'.

Keep 'em coming, guys.
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Well, they've all been done before somewhere. One of the teams at my local was called "We're Solids, Right?" which made me laugh.
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Chalk & Awe

*looks at thread title*


Rack Stack?
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The trouble with pool team names is that they all sound terrible, really. Pool, in general, is cheesy, and I say that as someone that loves the game dearly. My favorite team name was "Boomsticks", which we took from Army of Darkness, but even good ol' Ash comes across as kind of lame in that setting.

Maybe your best bet is to ditch the attempt at punnery and use a team mascot sort of thing. Like "<Tavern>'s Exceptionally Talented Barflies". Or use alliteration with your location's name like you would a regular sports team name: The Midtown Maniacs or The Hideaway Hangmen or something.

Thanks for the invite but that whuppin' will have to wait, I'm afraid. I'm lucky to get out for my regular league/tournament night these days. :-(
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There was an intramural basketball team at my college named "We Would be Playing Better but We Were up Late Last Night with Your Mom."

I always liked that one.

Alternately, from Spalding Gray's Swimming to Cambodia, there's "The Mothers of the Heroes and the Martyrs" -- a name I've always wanted to use for a rock band, but I hereby grant you rights to it.
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Well, I have to say that nicwolff's "We're Solids, Right?" made me laugh aloud, but all these are great. Thanks.
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An online buddy of mine had a bowling team they named the 794.6'ers. The team consisted of mostly librarians, so they used the Dewey call number for bowling.

I would name a pool team 794.7'ers, if I played pool well.
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None of these are real good, but I'm not letting that stop me...

Minnesota Fat Ass
Minnesota Phats
The Color of Monopoly Money
Jeannette Lee's Frictionless Glove
No Balls, Corner Pocket
Two Balls, Side Pocket
The Two Ball Scratch
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The Poolers.
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The Hot Pockets.
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There is No "P" in Our Ool.
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Schwetty Balls (from SNL)
Pocket Rockets

: >
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Rail Riders
Felt Up
Unpossible English
Mucho Cahones
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Pocket Changers.
Felt up.
The vorpal blade went snooker snack.
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Ferrule Inferno
The Blue Hueblers
The Object Balls of Your Desire
This Bridge is Closed
The Massé Hall
The Earls of Strickland

These are all terrible. I know this.
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The English Agents. (See, you're the agents because you're applying it, and the balls are the english patients, and...)
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The South Shall Rack Again
Co-ed Uniformed Billiards Unit
Your Favorite Band Sucks at Pool
Our Pool Style is Unstoppable
Hell's Angles
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I love "We're Solids, Right?" but here are a couple more:

Cornering the Market
Racks & Balls (or Balls & Racks)
Racked Balls
Anybody Got Change for a Dollar?

Or, to lull your opponents into a false sense of security:
The Easy Marks
The Pool Guppies
Water Wings
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thewittyname: it's "our new pool technique is unstoppable! un-f'ing-stoppable!"

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When some buddies and I were a part of a local league, at one point we considered having an actual official name for our team. We never did use one, especially the one I came up with (and drew a really cheesy picture for) while at the bar: the Pir-8s.

Some random ones as I sit here:

From The Wonders (though not a pool team): Cap'n Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters.
Call It?
Who's Got Next Game?
Green Meanies
Masse What?
Bumper Buddies
No Lifeguard on Duty
If Our Eyes Are Red It's Probably Just From the Chlorine
Hey, Nice Rack!
Of Course I Can Play Drunk, That's How I Learned to Play!
What's Your Angle?

Okay, that's enough from me.
Unless I think of something really bad later.
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Disciples of the Green Rectangle
Balls and Pockets
That's My Cue!

On preview: Ooh! Ok, nothing to write home about, but:

Ask Metafilter: Disciples of the Green Rectangle
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Peter Cushion
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Twice as Sweet as Money Earned...

(Fast Eddie is my favorite antihero)
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Unemployed in Greenland?

(Crazy Eddie was my favorite TV sales guy)
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Awesome. These are great, all.

I'll let you know what we decide on.
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When I Think About Cues, I Touch Myself
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Sorry, hootch, but I gotta one-up ya here (though I'm stealing yours to do it):

When I Think About Cues, I Touch My Felt
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