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Please help me find this song so I can enjoy it again.

In 2001 or 2002 I was given a mix tape, which I have since misplaced despite wanting to hold on to it for this particular track. The song I'm looking for had a man speaking/singing, and what I can remember of the lyrics was something like: "space....life.....light....time....eternity...eternity...eternity..." It had a slow build with what I would consider an electronic but not techno feel.

I could swear that the title had something to do with time or clocks.

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Infinity by Guru Josh
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You're describing any number of DJ Shadow songs, to be honest. The one my mind jumps to - because it's my favorite song of his, and because it ends with a low sampled intoning: "and now... eternity..." - is "Blood On The Motorway," from his second record, "The Private Press." However, the slow-build thing is more reminiscent of his first album, the groundbreaking "Endtroducing..." I don't remember anything with precisely those lyrics, though. The only title having to do with time is "Midnight In A Perfect World," but if you listen to a few of the other tracks you might find what you're looking for. His style in particular is what you describe: he mixes everything from samples, but it sounds less like hip hop or techno and more like a sort of mysterious groove.

Sorry - I'm on an iPad, else I'd give you some links. It's just a hunch, but what you're talking about sounds like DJ Shadow's bag.
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And here's a different remix of Infinity, which is a little more popular than the first one I posted.
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Do you know who made the mixtape?
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Could also be something from Lemon Jelly, but scrubbing through their albums to find the rare vocals is gonna take some time.
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Response by poster: It wasn't a DJ-produced song and the lyrics weren't sampled. Much slower than Guru Josh's Infinity.

The mix tape was made by someone I briefly dated and have since lost contact with. I can't even recall his name. Dredging enough of the lyrics from this song up to make it somewhat identifiable required extreme effort.
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Best answer: ahh finally got my account approved. Try Clock DVA Eternity.
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Response by poster: That's it! Thank you SO MUCH machinea!
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youtube link for the lazy
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