Good Short Fiction Set in Kentucky?
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I like short fiction with a strong sense of place. I particularly like reading said fiction while visiting its setting. I'm going to be in Kentucky soon. What might I want to read while I'm there?
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Wendell Berry
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Bobbie Ann Mason has some short stories set there.
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Elmore Leonard's Fire in the Hole. The FX TV show Justified is based on this novella and it is set in Harlan County, KY.
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2nding Bobbie Ann Mason.
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I enjoyed this collection of short stories. It's arranged chronologically and it's got a good bit of variety. Tales from Kentucky Lawyers was also a fun read, though obviously (mostly) non-fiction.

(Side note: Hunter S. Thompson was raised in Louisville. If you're a fan, you may enjoy this short piece he wrote about the Kentucky Derby.)
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Thanks all! Given my tastes, it looks like Wendell Berry was who I was looking for most. But feel free to keep answers coming.
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Yes, I was going to recommend Wendell Berry after just your first sentence; the rest of the question clinched it, obviously. You might particularly like That Distant Land.
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Even better than Wendell Berry for a wonderful sense of place in modern Kentucky (rather than Berry's idealized Kentucky): Holly Goddard Jones's Girl Trouble. Amazing stories, and especially good if you might be in Bowling Green or points west.
I've loved Wendell Berry for years, but for my money--I grew up in Kentucky and still live here--no one captures the Commonwealth better than Jones, plus they're just remarkable pieces of fiction.
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Not sure where you're going in Kentucky, but Wendell Berry's family owns a winery that's worth a visit if you're in the area. No, not particularly good wine - we just can't produce that in Kentucky - but a fun side trip nonetheless.
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If you are going to be in Eastern Kentucky, you might try to find a book by Jesse Stuart. His stories are not contemporary (he was writing in the early 20th century), but they are well written.
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An update: The Wendell Berry volume is charming, and I'm so glad I brought it with me. But, my goodness, Holly Goddard Jones' book was a revelation. It was, as jkinkade said, very much of its place. But much much more than that too; it was precise and wise and tapped into some very universal very human thing. Definitely worth a read for anyone interested in contemporary short fiction.
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