What to do in Detroit in July?
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I'll be in Detroit most of July. What fun festivals, events, art showings, or other fun scenes should I be sure to check out? I'm looking for the full breadth of cultural diversity.
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Ann Arbor art fair is July 20-23.
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I came in to mention the art fair... but, there's also the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, which runs a good part of the summer...

Comerica Park to watch the Tigers play is always a good time.

You might want to check to see if there is anyone playing at the Ark (also in Ann Arbor) that you might want to see.
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The Detroit Maker Faire is July 30 & 31.
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Well dang, I was going to mention both the Art Fair and Maker Fair, but I got beaten to it! Both are a lot of fun.
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If you haven't seen them, the Diego Rivera murals at the Art Institute, IMO, should be #1 priority.
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I'll agree with LonnieK, the murals are beautiful. (and, better to see them now, at the rate this state is going as regards the labor movement, Rick Snyder is going to paint them over)
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The Detroit farmers' market is pretty cool. It fills six full warehouses with tons of amazing plants and food. I enjoyed wandering around even though I only bought a few things to bring home.
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This NYT article has some good ideas.

The Woodward Dream Cruise is way more fun than I thought it would be.

The Traverse City Cherry Festival is in the beginning of July, but its quite a drive.

Mexican Town - real tamales found here!

The Brewers Guild Summer Brew Festival in Ypsi is the 22nd-24th. There is also an ElvisFest in Ypsilanti in the beginning of July.

There is a Polish Festival in Sterling Heights and a Czech & Slovak Festival in Dearborn Heights.

Plymouth's Art in the Park is fun to stroll around, but doesn't hold a candle to the awesome Ann Arbor art fairs and Ann Arbor Summer Festival. (If you rent a car to drive, drop me a memail and I'll let you park in my driveway)

Dearborn has a huge middle eastern population. Spend a day there and eat some amazing food you won't find elsewhere.

The art scene is blossoming in Detroit, wander galleries and get fantastic art for prices unimagined on the coasts.

You can watch motorcycles and mopeds race at Thunderdrome, found in the abandoned Detroit velodrome.
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I remember The Henry Ford Museum being all sorts of awesome. It's in Dearborn, which is about 20 minutes outside of downtown.
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