Is there a Chrome extension to fix my issue?
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Does anyone know of a Chrome extension which will allow hyperlinked text to copy over to email properly?

For me, this is actually Metafilter related. Take a look what happens when I copy over an FPP to my email, when it should look like this:

"I, Amy Myers, do hereby challenge Representative Michele Bachmann to a Public Forum Debate and/or Fact Test on The Constitution of the United States, United States History and United States Civics."

I know I can go through the process of changing the font colour and size, but there must be an easier solution. And even when I do change the font, it still doesn't underline the words which contain links. If it matters I use Yahoo email, but I'm unsure if this is an across the board problem. Thanks.
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Presumably, you were using something handy on Firefox before you started using Chrome? I didn't find anything quite like that available yet for Chrome, but here's an extension that seems to do the same thing. The interface is the same, and for some reason keeps the color formatting intact (making the white text appear invisible on a white background). That should be configurable in the options, but I didn't fuss around with it to find out how.
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Here's a slightly better one that adds a context menu entry.
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What's your definition of "properly" copying the text over? Do you need the words underlined? Do you want to preserve the links? etc.
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Gmail has a "remove all formatting" function, maybe Yahoo does to?

Alternatively, paste the text into the URL bar, copy it from there and input it in Yahoo. Formatting gone.

But yes, I also cannot believe there's no better solution.
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