Hotels and things to do around East Lansing, MI?
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Looking for a place to stay and things to do in the vicinity of East Lansing, MI at the end of June.

My family and I are traveling to E. Lansing from out of state for the U2 concert on June 26. Are there any must-visit places within a 30-45 minute drive from Spartan Stadium? We'd prefer to get a hotel somewhat outside of E. Lansing and spend our non-concert time exploring the surrounding areas.

I have an 11-year-old daughter and we enjoy geocaching, museums and eating in non-chain restaurants. Thanks!
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Best answer: Go to Elderly Instruments - absolutely wonderful music store where you're likely to see folk music jams spontaneously happen. The state capital is a pretty neat building and you can tour it.
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Best answer: Golden Harvest restaurant. Get there EARLY.

The MSU gardens--especially the children's garden--are spectacular. Also the Dairy Store ice cream, and cheese sandwiches/soup if it's lunch and not extremely Michigan, you never know.

Old Town Lansing is nifty. Also check out Lansing City Pulse and Lansing Noise for local events, etcetera.
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(Elderly is in Old Town.)
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Best answer: In addition to what's been said:

Breakfast at Sawyer's Gourmet Pancake House is a nice Lansing-area thing to do. Really good stuff.

The Fleetwood Diner is fun. It's also a breakfast-y place, so if you have to pick I'd go with Sawyer's.

Altu's Ethiopian Cafe is a family favorite.

People always mention the Traveler's Club International Restaurant and Tuba Museum. The service is usually terrible but the food is interesting and good, so let the bad service be part of the local charm.

Clara's on Michigan Ave. in Lansing is a nice American restaurant with an extensive menu. It's a charming old converted railroad depot with attached dining car you can eat in if you want.

The State Library of Michigan and Historical Museum is a beautiful building with interesting exhibits, if you like that kind of thing. Michigan State University also has museums, and they have a Children's Garden that is very charming to walk through even if you don't have little kids. It has an Alice in Wonderland hedge maze and other cool things. And you can go to the MSU Dairy Store for ice cream afterward.
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Heh, by the end of my post I had forgotten that the children's garden and dairy store had already been mentioned.
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Best answer: Throwing in my recommendation for a restaurant - Gone Wired Cafe. It's spacious yet cozy, and they serve great burgers and other "home-cooked"-style food. Lots of breakfast stuff served all day. Lots of baked goods and soy-free veggie burgers too, if you're into that. Some of the best coffee in the area too, although it's not quite a Comet Coffee in that regard. I recommend the iced breve lattes!
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Best answer: Seconding the MSU gardens. I spent a whole afternoon exploring them with my family. I was at MSU for four years and never really got to enjoy them til after I left. Also, the dairy store is a must. They make ice cream and cheese from the cows on campus. So amazingly good! Preuss Pets is a cool store, its practically a small zoo, with ethically raised pets for sale. Fun to check out even if you're not planning on buying anything.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! :)
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