How do we get rid of red mites on a lovebird?
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Do you have experience with treating mites on a pet bird? My friend has a lovebird and just discovered red mites (not many - fewer than a dozen). Does over-the-counter spray work? Should she be freaking out about having them in her carpet and potentially a house infestation? Any advice is appreciated!
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I wouldn't use an over the counter remedy. First you have to have the mites identified, and then treatment on birds is usually prescription. I would not freak out until you find out specifically what kind of mite you are dealing with.
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When my chickens had mites, the treatment was a dust (Sevin, specifically, which I generally am loathe to use) on both the chickens and their coop, as well as a thorough change in bedding. Agreed that you should figure out what kind of mites they are, though.

As for freaking out about an infestation -- don't. Bird mites can't live without a host. Kill them on the bird and treat the bird's cage as well and you'll be fine. You generally have to do it twice -- once to kill the living mites, and again after the gestation period of any eggs they might have laid.

They're not going to wander off into another room in the house, because there will be nothing for them to feed on there.
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