Marketing position salary - entry level?
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I was recently offered an entry-level job at small marketing firm. What is the going rate for salary and benefits?

Here are the details:

It’s a small marketing firm in Guelph, Ontario (Guelph is a university town, growing population around 125,000). It’s a small company, I’d say 8 – 15 employees, and rapidly growing.

This is an entry-level position. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology (which my potential employer agrees is an excellent background). I will be responsible for managing their clients’ Google Adwords campaigns, search engine optimization, and analyzing results using Google analytics. I’ll also be doing email campaigns, social media, website updating and maybe development. I have some experience with social media. Through a take home task, I’ve proven that I’ll be able to learn these skills easily, because they plan to train me on everything else. Once trained by the person who I'm replacing (she's leaving for school), I will be the company's expert on these tasks.

For someone in this kind of job with my education, what’s the going rate for salary and benefits?

Thanks for your help!
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It looks like they don't have data on salaries in Guelph, but you should try Glassdoor for questions like these.
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What was the take-home task?
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In New York I'd say about 35k-40k
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Best answer: Beware of any comparisons from anywhere that isn't Canadian and of a similar size and suburban/exurban proximity to a major city. That's going to make comparisons tricky (since Toronto is pretty unique in its own right), but unless you find a MeFite in Kitchener or Oshawa who has held a similar job, you're going to get numbers that won't tell you much.
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ditto jourman2 for san francisco.
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Best answer: You could try which factors in location.
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Response by poster: Graytona, the take-home task was looking at the google analytics for a website, and then based on the data that I saw, I made recommendations on how to improve the website. They didn't give me any instructions beyond that, they wanted to see how well I could figure it out on my own.
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Response by poster: Proj, I just searched marketing for Guelph on glassdoor reviews with no luck. Do they have a section where you can post questions?
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Over the pond in the UK, as a 1st job, £20k-£24k in London, or £18-22k outside London. Though with proven experience this can rise quite quickly.
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