Big compilations, tiny songs.
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Massive (50-100+ track) compilations of tiny songs?

I'm looking for a way to expand my musical horizons outside the general Pitchfork/Youtube circle. Such compilations like this (If you don't wish to click, 140-ish songs on 2 CDs, each a minute long, experimental/jazz vein) seem like a good solution without having to buy a bunch of CDs and have many unwanted, or resorting to illegal downloads.

So can anybody recommend others in this vein? Ones that solicit the pieces rather than just compiling them would probably be better, as I'd imagine the latter would primarily be in the punk or grindcore fields where you have these sorts of tiny songlengths; but any genres would do.
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the Candle Records compilation "A Minute Or Less" is 78 songs by various Melbourne indie bands. it's from '97, and a solid chunk of the bands (plus the Candle Records label itself) no longer exist, so finding a copy of the CD might be difficult. Polyester Records is owned by the bloke who used to run Candle, so they might have a few copies sitting in a box somewhere.
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Sounds like you need Morgan Fisher's "Miniatures" (51 tracks, and previously on MeFi).
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Err, I mean previously on MeFi
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If lockgrooves (and vinyl) are OK, RRR500 has 500 tracks on two sides.
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Short Music for Short People

My CD player wouldn't go up high enough to play all the tracks :(
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Best answer: Ivor Cutler often put around 50 tracks on an album. His 1997 release A Wet Handle has 83. Ivor is his own genre.
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your question reminded me of WFMU's The Sixty Second Song Remix Contest - where contributors distill popular songs into 60 clips.
some are interesting ones like Purple Rain, and The End.
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