It's just that I forget what I liked, someone needs to remind me
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Is there any service that will tell me when things become available on Netflix Watch Instantly?

Having recently watched Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives on Netflix (apparently I'm going through Lifetime thing) I'd like to know when the new seasons become available without just searching for it every couple of months.

Somewhere that I can type in a list and it will email me or have an RSS feed or something so I don't have to just remember all those shows I liked that one time and would totally watch more of if I could just remember that they exist?

I searched through the last three years of posts mentioning Netflix and didn't see this but I apologize if I missed something.

Side note: did it used to be called Watch it Now? Because that is what I have always called it that but it all says Instant or Watch Instantly now and I feel like I would not have just made that up.
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Sidenote response: I think it did. I don't recall when the change happened but I think I saw it saying that.
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Here's the Netflix new instant RSS feed.

And you could just send it through Yahoo Pipes if you wanted to filter it.
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I have an RSS feed set up for Instant Watcher.
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I use VideoETA to notify me when things are available on DVD; I'm not sure how helpful that would be for Netflix Watch Instantly, though.
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If you "save" a show that's not out on disc yet, it'll go to the bottom of your queue and if you can "instant" it, it'll show that in the column too. That way, you can just add the shows you want when you think of them and they show up later with no extra effort.
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Thank you! I'm going to try a couple for a while and see which one works best for me.
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Piggybacking on this question, does anyone know of similar resources for the Canadian version?
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