MASH Star Trek Episode help
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Help with Star Trek (TNG) and MASH Episodes

Firstly, Can anyone help me identify a Episode of MASH that the entire episode was serious, a clock ticked in the corner (I think) and it concentrated of Hawkeye and BJ attempting to save someones life......

Secondly, Can anyone Identify a Star Trek ? The Next Generation episode. All I can remember is that the episode is in B&W and they are transported back to a kind of 50s era B movie kind of setting, complete with Old School robots, maybe some of the characters visit a Fortress....

Any Ideas? Epiodes/Season??

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list of MASH episodes (with synopses)

TNG episodes with synopses

I actually remember seeing that MASH episode, too, so I can confirm it's real.

Good luck!
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For the Star Trek episode, I'm fairly sure it was from one or more Voyager holodeck episodes, not The Next Generation, but I don't know which episode(s).
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Best answer: MASH: season 8, episode 11: "Life Time"
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... I just finished a conversation with friends on how there are few-to-no episodes of Star Trek Voyager which you'd admit to friends you'd seen. ...

I'm pretty sure you're thinking of Bride of Chaotica.
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Star Trek is probably the Voyager episode "Bride of Chaotica."
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Best answer: Nthing the "It's Star Trek Voyager, not Star Trek Next Generation". It was a Voyager crewman who was into old black-and-white sci-fi stuff in the Holodeck.

Although, there was also an episode of ST- DEEP SPACE NINE where the captain was blipping back and forth between his actual "I'm in Star Trek" reality and a "reality" in which he was one of a bunch of screenwriters in the 1950's trying to write a movie. The idea was that he had to figure out which was the "real" reality. That's kind of a stretch from what you're describing, but mentioning it anyway in case it jars something.
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Yeah, it was definitely not TNG. It was, like others have said, Bride of Chaotica from season 5 of Voyager. That was the only episode that was mostly in B&W, but there are about 10 other episodes of Voyager from season 5 onward featuring the Captain Proton holoprogram.

And the DS9 episode EmpressCallipygos mentions was (IMO) one of the greatest Star Trek episodes ever - it was Far Beyond The Stars from season 6.
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Almost positive that is not a TNG episode, unless you're thinking about the film noir Holodeck adventure. Which was not actually in black and white and did not have robots in it (aside from Data, of course).

Oh, and anyone who digs that DS9 mentioned above should read the novel Yellow Blue Tibia. Completely off the subject, but seriously great sci fi.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys, had a quick look on Youtube, exactly the episodes I was after
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