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I once ran across an educational/political comic. Someone on my shared PC cleaned out the history so now I can't find it. Text description of this comic inside...

About a month ago, I clicked on a link that lead to a page, then another page, then to someone's blog of random stuff. On that blog was an educational comic which I absolutely loved. I wanted to go back to it and show some people, but the cache/history was cleared out on the PC so now I can't find it. All I am looking for is the comic itself, not the blog.

I have been Google Image Searching educational/political comics off and on for a few weeks now and I can't find the comic I am looking for. I know this is a shot in the dark, but I have seen results from even more obscurities on MeFi during my tenure of lurking, so I thought I would give this a shot.

The comic was like this:

--One frame comic; not a series of pictures
--Point of view of the teacher looking at the students
--Black and white, hand drawn
--On the right were two or three stereotypical "old, rich, white guys" with briefcases and a dialogue balloon that said something like "We are here to see what is wrong with the classroom."
--On the left were the students. Instead of their name cards being on the desk, instead were cards on each desk with what is wrong with the students: "Hungry;" "Abusive Parents;" "Too much TV;" Etc...

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I assume it wasn't published too obscurely as someone else had found it and posted it to their blog in the first place; the other content of the blog was pretty mainstream.

I have checked some resources of comics collected online and haven't found it in those types of places, either.
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Best answer: This?
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Btw, according to this, it originally appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News.
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Response by poster: That is exactly it, but I had only seen it in the black and white version. Thanks a lot!
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