Any LC's in the house?
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My wife is interested in developing a private practice as a lactation consultant. Business advice needed.

My wife is a certified Lactation Consultant and works in that capacity at local hospital. She is also an RN. She would like to use her skills in her spare time outside of her job.

I am looking for any advice or experiences anyone may have in this area. I am most interested in finding out about any requirements in regard to HIPAA, malpractice insurance or medical regulations.
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Justin - where is your wife located? That will make a difference.

I live in the Boston area, and there are definitely lactation consultants that operate outside hospital settings. There is a group of three which is, I think, entirely independent. In the past there have been lactation consultants affiliated with Jewish Family and Children's Service, but it looks like they are now referring people to the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition. If you don't get better pointers here, I'd suggest reaching out to some of these folks. In my experience lactation consultants are pretty friendly.
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This is the sort of thing women who are current LLL Leaders in Boston will be ideally suited to answer, as they are providing the services your wife wishes to also provide.
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But as a medical professional, I think she would have some more stringent guidelines to follow than a volunteer LLL leader.

I would contact some independent LCs out of your area and see what they say.

Tell her good luck! Good LCs are a godsend!
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