Help me find this Coke commercial from the 80's!
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Help me find this Coke commercial from the 80's! Someone I know starred in a "Coke is it!" commercial when he was a senior in high school (most likely in 1982). It was cast and shot entirely in Charleston, SC and featured beach scenes. His only description was "it was the opening of a beach house."
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I bet coke has some kind of historian (they have a freakin museum, after all)...might be worth finding a contact via or linkedin or something and asking, if its important to them.
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Is it this one?
[note that you have to change the resolution to 240p and hit play again]

Has Jobim's "Waters of March"-based jingle and a guy doing a barspin on a fixie in the 80's.

Also has some beach scenes.
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World of Coke (the museum) can be reached at (404) 676-5151 or 1-800-676-COKE (2653); if it weren't after business hours I'd call them now myself because i'm curious but I'd bet they have a curator. I have not been in a while, but they have an area where you can watch & listen to TV & radio ads throughout company history.
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us tv ads
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Maybe this? It has beach scenes, though this is from the "Have a Coke and a smile" era, before "Coke is it."
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Coke Ad 1982 Beach ?
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Wow, so close! I'll give World of Coke a call later and see what they can find.

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