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Where can I buy new shoes that are similar to these?

I bought these shoes at Texto in Paris a couple years ago for about 50 Euro, and they are showing their wear. But I like their style and would like to buy similar pair as a replacement. Perhaps this time, ones that are made to last. Who makes something similar that I can buy online or in New York?
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They make me think of Clarks, which are available in NYC.
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They remind me of a brand called Geronimo, but I am having no luck finding that pair on-line. They also made me think of the sorts of things Cabelas stocks (which includes Clarks as mentioned).
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Seconding Clarks.

Also a few more brands with a similar style:
Earth Shoes

and then maybe these by Patagonia
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Best answer: Definitely Clarks (including some under the Unstructured line), but also Ecco, Footprints (with Birkenstock innards), Naot (kind of like Birkenstocks but the fit and cushioning are different) or Finn Comfort.
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Cydwoq does interesting things with seams, too.
These are close to what you are looking for.
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Best answer: If there's nothing wrong with the stitching or sole of the shoe, it's amazing how much character can be brought out in old leather shoes with a coat or two of leather dressing - either Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP or Pecard's Leather Dressing. I've barely made a dent in my 6oz tub of Pecards's after a dozen or so applications.

A thread on StyleForum illustrates the the difference.
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My dad has a pair almost exactly like these from Ecco. Like the above posters, I'd also recommend Clarks, Finn Comfort, Born, Think!, and Pikolinos. I've seen Clarks, Ecco, and Born sold in Boston, and would imagine that a simple store finder would locate shops that sell them in NYC; the other brands I believe are available on Zappos. I also think that some combination of conditioning the leather yourself and taking the shoes to a cobbler for some sole/stitching/leather touch-ups as needed, may resurrect your shoes - they certainly don't look dead yet to me (but maybe I'm just cheap...!).
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seconding cydwoq--I've work two pair of their shoes frequently for about 6 years now. no sole damage, no nothing. excellent craftsmanship.
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