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I really like Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave. Who else should I listen to?

I think that what I want is described as midtempo, minor chord hardcore, maybe with shouted or rapped (but not growled or screeched) vocals, funky beats, and angular distorted but not-overbearing guitars.
Think funk/punk/rap fusion.
Don't recommend:
Anything with misogynistic lyrics
Rap that doesn't use guitars on some level
I'm also aware of, and avoiding, Linkin Park style nu-metal.
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I recommend going through Steven Hyden's series What Happened to Alternative Nation?

It's a rundown of the 90's alternative movement from a quasi-autobiographical perspective. It's pretty interesting to watch the progressive roots of alt music descend into cock-rock blandness.
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might like Refused
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Best answer: Street Sweeper Social Club, which is Tom Morello from Rage & Audioslave and Boots Riley from the Coup.
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Best answer: Think funk/punk/rap fusion.

Maybe Puya?
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You should check out at the drive in.
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The now disbanded Robots Talk In Twos might be up your alley.

MeMail me if you are having trouble finding the EP.
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Pop Will Eat Itself
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Weapon of Choice
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I'd recommend Djevara, Fugazi, Pulled Apart By Horses, and Jetplane Landing (specifically their second album "Once Like A Spark").
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At the Drive-In & System of a Down.
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Queens of the Stone Age
Bad Brains
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Seconding System of a Down.

Maybe some older Red Hot Chili Peppers too? I'm thinking Blood Sugar Sex Magik or even older.
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I think that the Minutemen fit the bill.
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Try this
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You should check out at the drive in .
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At the Drive-In...
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I'd recommend... Fugazi
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At The Drive In was one of the first things I thought about. I went back and listened to what I have in my collection, and I don't think it really fits into what the OP was after. It's more avante-garde inspired indie rock with hardcore leanings than the punk/funk/rap fusion the OP was after (at least to me).

You might get closer with Fugazi's first two EPs (collected as 13 Songs) and maybe Repeater. On those releases, it's mostly the rhythm section that gives it the funk feel. After those releases it become more hard indie rock. Still those one mentioned might be a good fit.

Bad Brains
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This seems like a no brainer. If the OP hasn't got into the Bad Brains, then this would be a good one to look at. The albums I'd recommend are I Against I and Quickness. Both are pretty close to what the OP described. They were also a big influence on Rage (at least from early interviews). Before those two albums and your looking at straight (and incredibly good) hardcore. After that... well it's complicated and not really that good.

Here's some tracks to check out:

House of Suffering


Soulcraft (annoying advert before video)

Quizicalcoatl chime in soon and let us know if we're on the right track.
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Rise Against doesn't have the rap, but I think you'll like them regardless.
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Incubus' S.C.I.E.N.C.E. might work.
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Coil. Hard to find, but very good.
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Response by poster: So far Street Sweeper Social Club has come the closest. I also liked Puya a lot (although many of their songs are not exactly what I was looking for with this particular question). Senser was great - except I didn't like the female vocalist. I love System of a Down, but that seems like a different genre than what I'm looking for. Wasn't crazy about Bad Brains. Old Red Hot Chili Peppers is good but I think I'm looking for something a bit darker.

After listening to many of the recommendations so far, I think I left two things out of my original specs: 1) I'm looking for something dark/angry/edgy, and 2) I'm looking for something that wouldn't be described as sounding "lush".
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Atari Teenage Riot
Faith No More
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Best answer: Primus, for real. Jerry Was A Race Car Driver, My Name Is Mud. It's edgy, and frequently dark, but not angry in a straightforward or angsty way.

Living Colour - Cult of Personality

Fishbone - Fight the Youth

I think you'll like Deftones, although you may prefer the first two albums to their more soundscapy later stuff. 7 Words, Engine No. 9, Headup(live)

I Mother Earth - Rain Will Fall

Infectious Grooves and Suicidal Tendencies: the former is the funk version of the latter, and the latter is the punk/metal version of the former, with basically all the same dudes in both.
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Check out 2 Skinnee J's if you're into clever lyrics, rock/"rap" fusion, but are ok without the genius guitar stylings of Morello. They're quirky, but I loved them, especially live. Maybe take a look at Quarashi if you're into quirky.
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Whoops, totally disregard my recommendations. Just now saw your follow up comment re: wanting something dark/edgy. Never mind!
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Nthing as hard as I can Queens of the Stone Age.
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King's X
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Hmm, yeah. I was also thinking Queens of the Stone Age, and if that direction interests you, how about the older, weirder, darker, queerer Shudder to Think?
Nine Fingers
Hit Liquor
X-French Tee Shirt
So into You
Shake your halo down
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Response by poster: So far, I've really liked Street Sweeper Social Club and Primus the best. Puya is also awesome, although they're not consistently what I was looking for with this question. Queens of the Stone Age is okay - I love the jaunty sort of rhythms they use, but I'm not crazy about the vocals.

Thanks for all the suggestions!
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