Give me fitness motivators!
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About a month ago, I ran across this online image gallery intended to motivate the gallery's owner to stick to his/her fitness routine. I'd like more images like these, please!

I got to the album by following a link to the "fit" sub-reddit, but I'm not a reddit user (or a visitor), so I can't find my way around. Plus of course I didn't bookmark the thread where the link was posted, so I can't find the source anymore.

Preferences: I also like things like this or this. I would like more strenght-related images than running-related. But please feel free to post any image that motivates you to train, exercise and eat healthy food. Short videos are ok, too. Thanks!
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Have you taken a look at r/GetMotivated on reddit? It's right up your alley. Also check the links on the side of each sub-reddit for links to other similar sub-reddits.

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Get thyself to tumblr! Try searching "fitspo" or "crossfit" and you will get TONS of images. There canbe some icky thinspo mixed in there, but there are a ton of sweet strong women lifting weights, running, etc. If you want, you can even search "nike women" and see what the results are. The online "fitblr" community is pretty awesome. Memail me if you'd like some more specific recs :)
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I'm posting this answer because I hope it triggers someone else's memory, but I recently saw a link on MeFi to a photo-blog of female crossfitters.
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brozek: Wild Gorillaman. The blog always seemed a little skeevy to me but there it is.

Also, OP, check out the VS Promo videos. They make me want to deadlift the moon and then punch Mars in the face.
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Krista at never fails to give me the fitness happies, see the Stumptous calendars Especially.
Also found via Stumptous - Athletic body diversity reference for artists
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/fit/ is not a subreddit, but a 4chan board. They have more images like those.

If you haven't been to 4chan before, expect racism, sexism and NSFW images.
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Response by poster: Loto - Thanks, that's it! I'm sure I got the link from r/GetMotivated. I'm going to bookmark it and check it occasionally.

hepta - I learned something new, thanks. Had no idea what "fitspo" was, but now I know. My only problem is that the predominant type of fitspo is "barely clothed, very fit lady doing a sexy pose". It seems as one unrealistic ideal (anorexic models) is simply being substituted with another (very fit models). Plus I personally don't respond well to looks-based motivation. But I managed to find something for myself in the fitblr jungle. Thank you!

Ness - I know and *love* Stumptuous. Much better than "very fit sexy ladies" images. :)

clearlydemon - I was mistaken, it wasn't "fit", but "Fitness" on reddit. I ventured onto 4chan/fit to see what's there, but it was, uh, scary. ;)

Thanks everyone! I would love to see more answers. If anyone would like, I can make my own gallery with all the pics I collected so far. Let me know!
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