cool math-y gifts?
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I'm looking for an awesome, tactile, mathy gift for a friend of mine. Suggestions?

You know, something like a Klein bottle hat or a spherical puzzle, except something that I haven't actually seen before....
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Have you scoured ThinkGeek?
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Set is always a winner.
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Best answer: I love my Motif Cubes.
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Best answer: Buckyballs!
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I recently bought myself an awesome slide rule from ThinkGeek.

Knowing how to use it makes me feel like the geek champion of the world.
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Best answer: How about a Klein bottle opener? Bathsheba Sculpture has been featured on the Blue and most of her stuff is extremely math-y.
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Klein hats and moebius scarves.
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Best answer: Look at the wonderful gamepuzzles at Kadon Enterprises. Super-mathy and beautiful.
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I stenciled Gauss onto a t-shirt as a graduation present for a (rather nerdy) friend of mine.
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Best answer: What you want is this etsy store. I got a plush standard normal distribution for my birthday and it's sooo cuuuute.
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Ball of whacks.
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I endorse the slide rule. Slide rules are awesome, us math-nerds love them.
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Seconding set. It's a great game. I've even brought it traveling, and played it with people with whom I don't completely have a language in common.
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Best answer: If it's the fellow who can be entertained for hours by creating perfectly spherical mud balls, then maybe this isn't the answer, but it looks like Set has a version with dice now.

Maybe also see if you get any ideas from Vi Hart's website? Balloons, maybe? Or beads for dreads? I bet you could even email or call her 530 number to see if she has ideas.
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Best answer: Mathematical sculptures
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Response by poster: definitely some good leads there, team! The buckyballs look pretty great, as does the etsy store.

aniola: Yeah, the Vi Hart-style giant pile of dollar-store snakes definitely crossed my mind...
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Best answer: Kaleidocycles.

Hexaflexagons, invented at Princeton in the late thirties and developed in part by Feynman, which are chains of tetrahedrons joined edge to edge and formed into rings, kind of like an extremely pointy and scary-looking polyhedral donut from Bizarro world that can be turned through the hole in ways that hardly seem possible, have been decorated with designs of M. C. Escher by I don't know who and put into a book of kits that you can assemble yourself by Doris Schattsneider.

The results are beautiful and mesmerizing, reminiscent of Rubiks Cube but with no puzzle to be solved except your own puzzled amazement.
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just so you know, last time those buckyballs came up on woot, someone said the paint rubs off them really quickly and quite a few people concurred, so I would steer clear.
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Best answer: Gyro the Cube, a 3D-printed gyroscope thing. Check the video at the bottom of the page. I bookmarked the thing precisely to serve as a an awesome, tactile, mathy gift.
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Best answer: are an alternative to buckyballs. Cheaper, and I've had mine for months (and played with them a lot) with no noticeable degradation.
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Best answer: A Gomboc?
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Best answer: Yoshimoto Cube.
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Best answer: A pair of Sicherman dice.
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Best answer: Tavern puzzles?
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Response by poster: Cool, thanks everyone for helping! I made a choice which will arrive soon...

Re Gomboc: I was actually trying to remember the name of that thing; thanks for the pointer.

So many of these were incredible. Best answers for (almost) everyone!
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Response by poster: Now that the gift has been given: I ended up going with the Zen Magnets. I'm not a fan of the commodification of Zen, but it sounded like the highest quality version of what seemed to be the awesomest possible gift for the person involved. (Who was, indeed, the someone who enjoys making dirt balls, as aniola guessed... but that's all side chatter.) the other answers were awesome though, and will undoubtedly be revisited in the future!
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