You Shouldn't Take Drugs, but When You Do...
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I'm looking for a particular book. It might have been called "People's Medical something-or-other". Or maybe not. Details inside.

A few years ago, I was in a play where I had to sit for extended scenes reading a "Bible". We didn't have any Bibles in the prop closet, so we used another book that looked as though it might pass for one. This book that we ended up using was very... interesting.

Now, as I said above, I think it was titled something with "People('s)" and "Medical" in there, but I'm not quite sure. The title was no more than four words. It was a black hardback book with no dust jacket. If I had to guess when it was from, I'd probably say 70's or 80's.

Anyway, on to the content. This thing was no Merck manual. It had tips about disaster preparedness, how to preform basic first aid- the usual stuff, but there were a few other things. It had detailed information about drugs for one thing. There was a lot of "We do not support the recreational use of (drug x), but if you're going to do it, you should do it like this." It was written in a sort of informal style. I remeber the section on LSD particularly. I don't remeber what it said specifically, but I do recall it instructing the reader to have someone "babysit" them while they were tripping so they don't try to jump out of windows thinking they can fly. It also offered recommendations about which method of marijuana use would get the reader high fastest.

There was also a section on how to cover up having an affair, and how to hadle yourself if you get an STD and you don't want your spouse to find out. Like I said, it was written in a "hey buddy, we've got your back" kind of style, but it certainly wasn't a humor book.

That's most of what I remember. Can you help me, Hivemind? I'm not even interested in buying it. I just want to prove that it exists!
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People's Almanac?
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It might be! I can't be quite sure... That title sounds awfully familiar in my head. You'd think I'd remember a little more about it since I read it cover to cover for three hours on weekdays for two months.
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There's a book Where There Is No Doctor about how to best provide your own medical care. Not the same book, but really interesting and useful.

There's a group, the Peoples Medical Society, that publishes books. They are not without controversy.

Queries I used for this post - may yield some clues?
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Could it have been the Merck Manual?
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Definitely not the Merck Manual. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm sure "People's" in the title, but I'm not so sure about "medical". It might have been People's Almanac. Only reason I'm hesitant to say that it is definitively it, is because I have no recollection of having a number in the title. Then again, maybe I'm mistaken. I should try to get my hands on a copy.
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People's Pharmacy? I believe the same authors had books going back into the 1980s, but couldn't find the older covers.
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