I need a non-blank journal.
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Where can I buy a journal that includes its own writing prompts?

I'm in the process of recovering from a bunch of issues. My concentration is just now starting to come back. My therapist has asked me to try to journal but staring at a blank page still makes my mind start to race and go to bad places. (I'm dealing with all the bad stuff in other ways and she is encouraging me to write positive things). I thought at some point I had seen a journal that had lots of writing prompts in it. But now looking the closest I have found is a book of lists which is too restrictive.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
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I can't seem to lay hands on it right now, but Natalie Goldberg has a book like this. It seemed like more of a notebook to me than a traditional journal.

Also, I really enjoy Lynda Barry's What It Is for prompting me and helping me practice being more positive.
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Would you willing to try something on a computer? I've heard good things about this software for Macs available from Apple's App Store: Day One. Includes its own writing prompts.
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If you're willing to have the prompt be online, you might want to look at Write One Leaf. It provides a daily "Write about..." sentence that you could easily transfer to a journal and begin writing. It also includes an archive, so if you got a blank physical journal, you could go through the archive and fill in a prompt for each day/page. Today is "Write one leaf about Mister Morning Sun." Some days the prompts are a bit silly (Write about enchiladas), others more thoughtful (Write about solidarity). But it seems like a nice mix that would not make you write about Deep Meaningful Feelings all the time.

Hope that helps!
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Response by poster: I do prefer the idea of a physical journal and I was hoping not to have to go online for the prompts. But I appreciate the suggestions.
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Back in the day (like 20 years ago) Kay Leigh Hagan did some nice editions of this kind of book. Her two journals-with-prompts, Writing Down the Moon and Internal Affairs, are available used on Amazon for very cheap.

I was looking for a new notebook at Barnes & Noble the other night and saw several of the kinds of things you're talking about, journals with mostly-blank pages with writing prompts printed on them. Maybe you've already been to your local bookstore and struck out, but what you're looking for is out there.
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You might like Wreck This Journal.

I haven't used this, but my friends who have said it was a very fun and therapeutic experience.
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If you can't find one to buy, you might try a DIY option:

1. Buy a nice blank journal
2. Google for "journal prompts."
3. Write your favorite prompts on the header of each page of your blank journal.

Sure it's not as easy as just buying a pre-made book, but it wouldn't take more than an hour or two to make your own.

I did this for my wife (with colored pencils and little cute doodles in a nice leather journal) and it's one of her favorite gifts I ever gave her. She keeps it on her nightstand and uses it all the time.
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What about SARK's journals? It might comes across as little bit woo-woo for some people, but it's also fun, playful, refreshing. Check it out, I think it might be what you're looking for.
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You could try Write-Brain. Not totally sure if it's the sort of thing you are looking for, so I'm not recommending it whole-heartedly. Each page has a writing prompt (write about this character, use this phrase in a story etc). The pages are full of graphics and different fonts. Rather cheery. May be good for prompting you to write, but if you want to journal about your own stuff it would be too prescriptive.
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How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything: A Workbook by American Zen teacher Cheri Huber.
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I just saw this at Anthropologie today: Q&A A Day. It's a set up to be a 5-year diary, but I'm sure you could use it as a page a day diary.
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I came on to suggest the Write-Brain Workbook too, but paduasoy beat me to it.

There are some really good autobio/memory prompts, and it's just good fun. I use it with my high school students, and they LOVE it.
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Her two journals-with-prompts, Writing Down the Moon and Internal Affairs, are available used on Amazon for very cheap.

Are journals the kind of thing you want to buy used? Wouldn't the previous owner's writing get in the way?
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