Relaxing in Dubai
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Does the hivemind have any up-to-date recommendations for a good hotel in Dubai for a three-day tourist/relaxation visit? Price range would ideally be sub-$200/night, but we're still aiming for some multiple-star luxury.
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Tried looking at TripAdvisor?

For under $200, it's recommending Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, Al Manzil Hotel and Qamardeen Hotel.

I've travelled a fair bit (but not to Dubai) and picked nearly all my hotels using TripAdvisor. I haven't had a bad one yet.
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You will want to stay at the Grosvenor House hotel. Five star, under $200, and the best hotel stay I've ever had in my life. Granted, it was our honeymoon, so the free upgrade to a gigantic room with a giganticer balcony helped, but the service was impeccable, and the main reason the hotel was so great. Everyone in the hotel knew our names within what seemed like an hour of arrival. Speaking of our arrival, checking in was done while we sat in big cushioned couches with a fresh mixed juice drink immediately upon arrival.

As an example of the service: When we came back from dinner at Verre, they asked how our dinner was, and we mentioned that my wife had lost her camera in the cab on the way there. 30 seconds after getting into our room, we hear a knock, and the head of security of the hotel came in, asked us a couple questions (such as "Is this what you were wearing when you left?") and looked through their security tapes, got the cab number, called the cabbie, and had our camera back to us the very next day.

Granted, it's in the Dubai Marina area, and is not directly on the beach, but you can take cabs to where ever you want, and they have a 1 minute shuttle to the beach and pool area of their neighboring (partner) hotel, which is very nice. I cannot recommend this place enough.
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