Best easy to use collaborative or wiki-type software
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Can you help me find collaborative or wiki-type software that doesn't have a steep learning curve (WYSIWYG editing etc)?

I'm working on a project that needs an area for users to collaborate to create a living document of sorts... it will have a table of contents, which they will slowly build out.

Each member will post their thoughts on a provocative question, problem, or subject in this field...their answers will be distilled into a version of a document that can be used as reference material. So there will be version one, version two, etc.

The site will use a Wordpress blog as the front end which will update the community on the collaborative effort's progress.

It needs to be very easy to use (WYSIWYG interface, etc)... MediaWiki's learning curve is too steep. We would prefer to host it ourselves, but that isn't a deal breaker.

Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!
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Response by poster: dfriedman - Wow, pbwiki sure has changed since I used it last!!! I requested a demo, and will definitely look into it more.
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Our company uses TWiki. It's free, uses the WYSIWYG interface, and has a bunch of available plugins.
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