Body image and fan culture
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I'm looking for books on body image and fan culture, specifically body image among female science-fiction fans who are likely to attend cons and/or actively participate in real-world fan culture. What are some good books or web resources for learning more about this?
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Wiscon Talk might be a good resource. I don't know of any personally, but I'm sure that others on the mailing list can help you out.

If you're unfamiliar with Wiscon, it's the world's largest Feminist SF con, and it takes place in Madison, Wisconsin every year. (And personally, I can't wait! It is a lot of fun, and very informative as well. A great con all around.)
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The book Will the vampire people please leave the lobby? doesn't just deal with body image but it does have a section comparing people who dress in sports regalia (but clearly aren't athletes) and people who dress in costume for cons (but clearly aren't vampires, fairies, storm troopers, etc.).
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