Help me play Gamma World!
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Have you played the new Gamma World? How was it?

What are your tips for running a successful Gamma World for new players?
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We've played it a couple times. It was fun but not something I'd want to run as a campaign. Expect the players to die a lot. I recommend having the players generate characters with the online tool. Makes it go quick and characters are shallow, they don't need a lot of thought or development.

If you have experience with 4e the mechanics are the same though the details differ.
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It's fun and stupid. You have to enjoy being fun and stupid or you'll hate it. I've not done a long campaign of it yet so I'm not sure if it would remain as fun over the long term. Don't take it super serious and you can have a great time.
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You have two choices with Gamma World: Play it as written, have a blast, laugh at all the bizarre combinations and enjoy losing characters so you can make new ones -- and limit your plans to single-session playing...

...or make a lot of adjustments to make death a little less likely and character generation a little less random. I can see how it could be made into a good long-term campaign game, but really, it's meant for laughs.

It's awesome.
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I'm running a campaign for my sons, ages 11 and 6, and a neighbor kid, age 12. Literally anything can happen, the mutation cards are a hoot and I can use my 4e Monster Vault. We are LOVING IT.
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Also, no healing potions or Clerics? Who cares, I have a style robot pet following them around dispensing health jolts. Just make it up.
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