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Help me find a specific type of gym for my parents in Lowell, MA.

My folks have drastically improved their health over the past two years via dietary changes and are looking to take it to the next level. I feel it's my biological responsibility to make sure they don't wind up at some horrible chain gym.

What I'm looking for: a barbell-training place, a kettlebell training place, a place where my mom won't be told that women shouldn't lift heavy. Should be accessible and comfortable for two novice lifters. Bare bones facility, excellent trainers. I've hunted for Crossfit gyms in the area, but none are close enough for their busy schedules. Are there other keywords that I should be using? Anybody from Lowell know of a great garage gym?
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Check out this recent post from mathowie for some ideas on terms, etc. to use. It doesn't sound like you're looking for exactly the same thing, but in my experience you'll get kettlebell stuff and responsive-yet-down-to-earth trainers in functional fitness gyms.

I am absolutely not steering you away from looking at barbell-type gyms, but they might consider working with rubber resistance cables. They're available at a variety of strengths, including several suitable for pro athletes, and you can use them in a load of different ways without the threat of dropping a ginormous thing on your foot (or someone else's). Body weight exercises (again, as used in functional fitness gyms) can also be great.
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