Get it off! Get it off!
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This morning I generously applied a sample of perfume oil (BPAL Eclipse, if you're wondering) that I forgot I've already tried on and hated. Now I can't stand the way I smell. How do I get it off?? I've been scrubbing with soap and water to no avail.
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Best answer: Do you have any rubbing alcohol/facial toner/nail polish remover? Soap (unless it's a grease-cutter like dish soap) isn't very good at it.

But I've had your exact problem with BPAL imps I forgot I didn't like, and almost always it's gotten on my clothes before I realized it. If you can't change, you might be stuck for a couple of hours until it fades.
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Best answer: Rubbing alcohol. (Or vodka/extra strength grain spirits/ethanol.)
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Best answer: Hand sanitiser gel.
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Washing the affected area with toothpaste often helps me.
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Well, they say if you want to clean the smell of skunk off your dog, use tomato juice. YMMV.
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An oil-based soap or olive oil should work.
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Best answer: The answer is: Tide Free.

Here is a link with the procedure. Good luck!
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The biggest reason Lysol "disinfectant" spray works so fast is that it contains chemicals that temporarily knock out your sense of smell.

Spritz, spritz - Ta-dah.
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n'thing rubbing alcohol
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Rubbing alcohol or (more often) hand sanitizer gel have worked for me when I've over-sampled the BPAL.
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N'thing rubbing alcohol, and suggesting a charcoal soap if you have one. Eclipse smelled like musty almonds and baby powder on me, so I feel your pain. I haven't tried this, but possibly try a paste of baking soda.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! I had some hand sanitizer wipes with me at work that did the trick enough to keep me from going crazy until the rest of it faded. And I smelled very... sanitized all day.

Logic Sheep, I hear you on the baby powder. If it weren't for that one soft note, I'd love it.
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