A Day in the Life of the Underappreciated Dandelion
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Help me find this quote about dandelions...

Google led me down a K-hole of dandelion wine recipes, but what I'm looking for is a quote that I half-remember, possibly from John Muir??

"...who decided that a dandelion is just a weed..." is the part that I remember, but I know it was longer.

TIA to anyone who searches. (And FYI, I have a vase full of dandelions currently making my room feel very cheerful :)
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Robert Fulghum wrote about how he considers dandelions to be flowers in his book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. He didn't say exactly what you quoted, but his gist was the same. The extract, or a good part of it, is here.
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Here's Fulghum's quote about dandelions.
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I remember one that went: "If a dandelion were hard to grow, it would be most welcome in any yard." A google search says that comes from Andrew V. Mason.
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None of these are it, but I do quite like the Fulghum quote.

Thanks guys! (gals?)
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"Dandelion Oh, hardy flower, disdained as weed, Despised for head of feathery seed, Your unsung virtues rate a ballad, Choice roots for wine, crisp leaves for salad."
-Betty Gay
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The Betty Gay quote is close enough for my purposes... thanks!
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