Where can I watch hockey near Pittsburgh Amtrak station?
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Looking for a restaurant/sports bar in Pittsburgh, near 10th St. and Penn Avenue, to grab a meal and watch the Wings-Sharks game tomorrow evening.

I've got a layover on my Megabus journey from 8pm to 11pm tomorrow. I need to watch Game 7 of Detroit/San Jose, and I need to be able to walk there from the Megabus dropoff point which is 10th St. and Penn Avenue. I'll eat anything. Thanks.
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Yelp says this might fit the bill.
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I would recommend McFaddens on the north shore. I've only watched Pittsbrugh sports there, but I'm sure they would put the game on for you. It's about 1 mile from your drop point.
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Olive or Twist is near there and I have seen them play sports on the bar TVs. It's fancier, with cocktails and appetizers being the standard fare, but they also have beer and entrees as well.

I like Sammy's Corned Beef for their sandwiches and there is one right nearby. I am not sure if they serve alcohol.
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I second Olive or Twist; it's a bit quieter and nicer than August Henry's.
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If you want a huge beer selection to distract you while watching, try The Sharp Edge on Penn between 9th and 10th. Probably a five minute walk from the station. They usually have a game on at the bar.
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