Help me play with my balls.
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So I need to move some balls

So, I've been playing around with LEGO (see my previous question) and now I want to move balls. See this video, for example. Does anyone know anything about these systems? They seem to be called "great ball contraptions" which is as good a name as any, but clearly they're custom-designed.

But my question is this: every video of this type that I see on Youtube has the same basketballs and soccer balls, but they are different people. Where do they get these balls? Is their a LEGO-approved mini ball supplier? Anyone have any ideas here?
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Soccer balls. Basketball.
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Look like Subbuteo balls too. Subbuteo balls
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I don't know anything about the balls. The machines are more commonly known as Rube Goldberg devices, if you are googling around for more. I believe there is a yearly competition for the most complicated/awesome device.
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