Why is Darth Vader called Lord Fener in Italy?
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Why is Darth Vader called Lord Fener in Italy? Does Darth Vadar means something in Italian or was there some other reason to change that?
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Best answer: I think Lucas made up quite a few of the names essentially phonetically, and that sensitivity extended to renaming them to trip off foreign tongues when dubbed. So, in French Darth Vader is "Dark Vador" and C3-P0 is "Z6-P0" to avoid the clunky "C-trois-P-zéro" ; in Italian it's Dart Fener and C1-P8 or "C-un'-P-otto".
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Best answer: Are the "th" and "v" sounds both common in Italian? If only one of them is, it's possible they kind of run together in the Italian ear. As nicwolf points out, not all names are equally pronounceable in all locales. I don't think Germans have a "th" sound at all, for example.

Anyway "Lord" is a pretty good equivalent to what "Darth" means in the Star Wars mythos. It's a title. Some important guy. And Vader is obviously from the German for Father. Perhaps the translation is too obvious in Italian? Like, "Mister Father?" I dunno. We need an Italian speaker.
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The "th" sounds (there are actually two "th" sounds in English: compare thin and this) are fairly uncommon in the world's languages and they do not occur in Italian.
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Darth is more specific, a title only for a sith. However, he is called Lord Vader several times in the movie anyway so it doesn't much matter.
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Yes, sorry, an important Sith is called a Darth, just as an important Jedi is called a Master. Master Yoda. Darth Maul.

In fact, I'm not even sure you have to be all that important. You just have to be "graduatetd," ie: an "adult" by the reckoning of your order.
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Darth = Dark, in I can't remember what language.

So Darth Vader = Dark Father.
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Wikipedia: Darth
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