What could cause a USB mic to all of a sudden start picking up a hum?
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My USB Mic started picking up an omnipresent hum all of a sudden. It never used to. Any ideas what could have changed?

Here's a link to a picture of the frequency. This is with no speaking, jsut the mic running. This did not occur previously. Nothing notable has changed with my computer, and I have tried the following:

-changing USB ports
-Unplugging other devices, usb and otherwise
-changing the USB cable.

Still the hum remains. Any idea what could have changed to cause this, or other variables I might try removing from the equation?

The mic is a Samson CO1U, and I was very happy with it until this seemingly random switch was flipped.
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Response by poster: FWIW, I'm running Windows 7. Have been recording in Adobe Audition 3.0 and Audacity.
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That's 60 Hz power line noise-- the frequency of alternating current. Caused by something being grounded poorly, or not at all.

Is it a laptop? Did you go from wall power to battery, or vice versa?
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Response by poster: No, it has been a desktop computer the entire time. Any tips for what might cause it on a desktop?
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Have you changed power outlets that you're computer or any of it's peripherals are plugged in to? If so, is there anyway that they might be on different breakers or circuits now?
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Plugged anything new into the same circuit? New fluorescent desk lamp?
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Other things that have done this to me in the past include TV/cable wires, air conditioners, and oscillating fans...
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Have you dropped or jostled the mic recently? Could something be loose inside of it or on it that's generating the super low hum?
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Gradually isolate the problem: plug the mic into another computer and try to replicate the hum.
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You might want to just try moving cables around - I've found that having a cable near a mike/speaker cable can be enough to cause a bit of a hum, and shifting things just a little bit tends to help.
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Yes, switch cables, move your display/speakers/table lamp/cell phone around, and remove everything that's plugged to the same circuit, one by one. By switching set up entirely (bring the microphone towork, or home), you could quickly rule out the microphone itself.
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