Silencing a VSTi in Renoise?
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How can I turn off a VSTi in Renoise? (perhaps using the MIDI controls?)

I have an arpeggiated pattern that just continues to go, even after I no longer trigger a note, and I don't know how to tell it to turn off. I don't want to just silence/mute the track if possible, because it would be nice to utilize the track again...

Surely there's a way to send a "note-off" command to the VSTi? Do I have to train the VSTi somehow?

Thanks for any tips :)
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Response by poster: Crap - I should clarify - the arpeggiation occurs in the VSTi I'm using, not using Renoise...
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Which VSTi is this? Does this happen with all your VSTis or just this one?

Standard dumb question: Is CC64 (Hold pedal) on?
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Response by poster: it's just this specific one, mostly because there's no envelope. i'll look more at it tonight to get more info... it's this sort of 8 bit thingy. it kind of loops on it's own internal arpeggiated sequence.

every other vsti has it's own envelope which will fade out. But it would be handy to turn off any vsti that I wanted to.
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Why not just cut the volume on that channel?
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Does renoise support VSTi Automation? If it was Cubase I'd just record An Automation track with me switching it on and off and see if that worked.

but I have a feeling that for most VSTs the activate / inactivate is outside the scope of Automation.

Can you switch patches instead? that should be automatable or may even be possible with a Midi Patch Change message
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Response by poster: I've thought of doing a volume cut, but then the vsti is still running in the background, and i'd rather it be off/untriggered.

I haven't looked into automation, not sure what that is? i'll check that out as an option...
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Response by poster: OK, well - in case anyone finds this question and wonders, here's what you do.

Go in edit mode (make sure the record button is on in the transport controls).
Go into the note column.
Press Caps Lock.
It will show 'OFF' (as opposed to, for example E-5 or any other note that would show)

It's an abrupt cut.

There's a couple other options (can't recall off the top of my head) that are like "smart note-off" (not sure the difference - maybe let's the current note finish?) Anyways, there you have it.
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